TCP CPL CeraFlon All-in-One for firearms maintenance

€ 25,50

CPL CeraFlon has been created for Law Enforcement use, while also meeting the needs of users for sports purposes.

It was designed in 2016 to meet a specific request for use on certain firearms to be used under extremely critical conditions:

       - climatic temperatures between -40°C and +50°C

       - direct contact with ice crystals and snow

       - direct contact with salty air and sea salt

       - direct contact with desert sand

CPL CeraFlon cleans, protects and lubricates rapidly and simultaneously, for firearms being used under any weather conditions and practical use.

CPL CeraFlon All-in-One for firearms maintenance:

C l e a n e r :

although not a classic cleaner, it helps in cleaning weapons when this function is mainly intended for the protection of materials.

Able to remove any climatic-environmental component such as sand, sea salt or water.

It interrupts the onset of rust!

P r o t e c t i v e :

the section of protective parts is extremely complex in order to provide a long-lasting, highly active protection against all the corrosive agents found in situations subject to extreme climatic and environmental conditions.

Wherever there is CPL, corrosion won’t show up!


L u b r i c a n t   C e r a F l o n :

the lubricating section is entrusted to our CERAFLON, capable of providing an inexhaustible anti-friction action, regardless of the stress caused by intense fire activity.